A perfect match

A perfect match

It is well known that good food and good wine create a perfect combination and that’s why Castellarin Argo during his stay in Brazil had the pleasure of making the quality, bouquets, aromas and colors from the land of Friuli more well known and appreciated. These characterstics are found in the production of his wines, focusing in particular on the sparkling Prosecco Controlled Denomination of Origin DOC brut, by organizing a ” guided wine tasting” at the popular “Theo Medeiros” restaurant in Campinas.

Among the guests, were Theo Medeiros, owner and chef of the restaurant, who was re-elected Chef of the Year for the magazine “Veja”, the most important Brazilian newspaper distributed nationally, its partners, many local newspaper journalists and local television journalists too, as well as entrepreneurs and respected sommeliers.

Here are some pictures of the evening and a recipe by Chef Theo Medeiros to be accompanied by our wines.

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